more fried foods please

February 26, 2009

Finally recovered from NBA All-Star week. I spent most of my time in the Sportiqe section of the NBA store at the Phoenix Convention Center. So cool watching so many people buying the Sportiqe All-Star gear. I was able to sneak out to the Friday night party at the W hotel. The place was PACKED!! You would’ve thought the hotel was giving away free booze or cash. Fabolous’s 20 minute performance was a bit disappointing. The NBA/TNT party on Saturday night with Maroon 5 was great. Watching the NBA/TNT execs squirm while Adam Levine repeatedly told the crowd to “GET THE FUCK UP” was very funny. Maroon 5 put on a great show. They did play all of their hits, I would’ve liked to see a few more songs from The B-Side album.
Shaq definitely stole the show at the game on Sunday. His break dance intro was amazing. I definitely don’t want to take Shaq on in a dance off. I am really excited about the second half of the NBA season. I’m hoping my Bulls can make a run and sneak in to the playoffs. I also expect the Suns to get back to their run-n-gun ways and make it back to the playoffs as well.

I’m sitting here at the airport getting ready to make my next run. Chicago, Iowa City, Madison, Milwaukee, Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa. It is really sad to have to leave this 80 degree weather. What a better way then starting the trip back to Chicago with an hour delay of my flight in to O’hare!!

I’m starting to do my college hoops review. There are lots of good teams this year. Pitt, Oklahoma, UCONN, UNC to name a few. I really hope this is the year I win the Sportiqe pool. I think Georgie won $50 last year!!! Yes we play for some BIG money over at Sportiqe. I sure hope the University of Arizona gets in the tournament. Regardless of how good or bad UofA is, the Siegel bro’s will pick the Cats to win the whole tournament. You gotta love that loyalty.

Time to board. Talk soon.

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