Doctor and Tamales

April 16, 2009

Went in for my yearly physical the other day.  Found it a little strange that they were selling tamales at my Doctors office!!??!!! I really thought it was a joke.  As I was in the waiting room, a person came in to purchase tamales.  I was in shock.  The nurses did not seem to be amused by my request to have some chips and guacamole while I waited for the doctor.  What kind of doctor office sells food???  I think I might need a different doctor here in AZ.

Got to go to the NCAA tournament games in Glendale, AZ yesterday.  Got to sit right behind Steve Kerr.  I hadn’t seen Steve since my ball boy days with the Bulls.  It was great to catch up with him.  I was very surprised to see Memphis get throttled by Missouri.  My bracket is now officially BUSTED!  My luck with NCAA hoops brackets and fantasy football is very similar to that of the Chicago Cubs have.  I never win!  One of these years it’s going to happen….

I can’t stop watching the NBA right now.  The games are getting so good, as teams are fighting for playoff spots.  I really think my Bulls are gonna sneak in.  I’m not saying the Bulls are going to win a series, but it will be great for them to be back in the playoffs.  I hope that my new hometown team of the Suns could get the 8th spot in the west.  It’s going to go down to the wire.  This is the first year that Sportiqe is making playoff/finals specific shirts.  I have always wanted to make a cool NBA playoffs shirt.  I think I have every playoff/finals t-shirt from the Bulls 6 year championship run. It’s going to be so cool to finally have our own Sportiqe playoff/finals merch for sale!!!  Please check your local team shops for Sportiqe/playoff merchandise.  The NBA/Sportiqe hits keep coming.  Starting next month you can find Sportiqe/NBA gear at West Coast Nordstrom locations and Cavs gear the Ohio based Nordstrom stores!!  We are so excited to have such a fantastic retailer such as Nordstrom carrying Sportiqe Apparel!!!  Please go pick it up!!

Sportiqe would also like to welcome Pebble Beach to our family!!  Starting May 1, Sportiqe Apparel will be providing fashion “off course” apparel to Pebble Beach retail shops.  We are SOOOOOO excited to get the chance to work with THE most prestigious golf resort in the world!!!  You can now own a piece of clothing that says Pebble Beach that doesn’t look like you have to wear it on a golf course.

Happy Birthday wishes have to go out to my mom and dad!!!  My mom turns 31 and my dad turns 32!! ☺  I look forward to celebrating the b-days when they get to Phoenix tomorrow!

Have a great weekend everyone!!  Talk soon.

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