Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...part a million

November 03, 2009

SO…. I am so sorry for being an absentee blogger as of late  Have been insanely busy running around this fine country of ours. Spreading the Sportiqe gospel all over the place. However, I know that is no excuse to not have checked in. I am so excited that it is finally cool enough in Phoenix that we can start to wear some of the really cool Sportiqe fall items. I got to rock a Alabama Crimson Tide BELGIAN hoodie to lunch today. James Brehmer, our operations mgr, was rocking a Chicago Bulls Belgian as well. Where did we go to lunch???? Los Taquitos of course!!! My favorite hard shell tacos in the world!!
What’s going on with my Iowa Hawkeyes? Could this be the year I finally see a Rose Bowl?? Don’t want to get my hopes up. I look at being a Hawkeye fan the same way I look at being a Cubs fan… every team can have a bad century right??
Staying in the Big 10 I would like to thank The Ohio State University, O.A.R., and Barnes and Noble. The O.A.R. Collective event we had last Friday was awesome!! About a year ago it was just a dream to co-design a college clothing collection with one of my favorite bands. So watching O.A.R. take the stage at Barnes and Noble on the OSU campus on Friday was really a dream come true. Please check out the website for pics and video from the event. The combination of your favorite band with your favorite school is just getting started. The O.A.R. Collective will expand in to many other bookstores for next fall so stay tuned.
NBA and NHL regular season has started!!!! Is anyone going to beat the Lakers?? Lakers fans don’t have to worry about Ron Artest. Phil Jackson is the zen master. He will work with Ron the same way he worked with Dennis Rodman.
Really hope this is the year for the Blackhawks. I think that this is the year they can get over the hump(Redwings) and in to the Stanley Cup finals.
Really excited to tour some of the arenas around the country to check out all of the new Sportiqe Apparel in the team shops. The fall 09 collection is really well done. We pushed the fashion envelope a little bit, but really kept the key focus on comfort. When you try on some of the new pieces, you will see what I mean.

Talk soon.

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