Inaugural Blog

August 18, 2009

Welcome to the inaugural blog from Matt Altman. I am one of the Principals of Sportiqe Apparel. This being my first blog, I am going to start with an attitude of gratitude. It makes me beg the question, what can you really be grateful for? For me it is simple… This life, this existence, this thing we call breath that flows in and out of us. Thus, I am grateful for the gift of this life and all that comes to me through this opportunity.

As Sportiqe rolls thru its 4th year, I am grateful to our customers, employees, suppliers, vendors, and all those that have a hand in supporting Sportiqe evolve. The vision of Sportiqe is truly taking shape. It is challenging yet fun, requires lots of effort yet it is effortless.

One of the many things coming up for Sportiqe this month is the US Open Collection. August 31st is Day 1 of the greatest tennis tournament on the planet. This year Sportiqe will be represented in the Octagon with some t-shirts and pullover hoodies. For those that have not been there, the Octagon is an 8 sided merchandise display store at the National Tennis Center. It is the coolest set up for event merchandising.

So from time to time I will be posting some blogs about what is happening in the world of Sportiqe mixed with some perspective on the common energies that bind us together as humans living on this planet.

Enjoy the moment


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