Los Taquitos

August 12, 2009

Hey All!Hanging out in the office today.Very excited to hang with the Sportiqe gang in PHX for a week.You can only be on the road for so long, until you need to come home and decompress.I am baffled by all of the cool stuff we have going on.Not sure if you all have checked out what were doing with O.A.R.You guys need to be in the know.The O.A.R. Collective is launching at The Ohio State University, University of Wisconsin, and University of Florida.The fellas from O.A.R. designed some kick ass graphics that we put on Sportiqe garments.You can see a bunch of pics from the Collective on our website.We have some very exciting events to help kick off the Collective.O.A.R will be doing meet and greets and the UW and UF bookstores.In addition the fellas will be playing an acoustic set at the OSU bookstore in October.We are so excited to partner with O.A.R. for this groundbreaking collection!!!In addition to making fantastic music, they are all some of the coolest and most down to earth dudes you would ever want to meet.Please come out to the events if you can.Stay tuned to the website for gear and tickets giveaways!

The tennis U.S. Open is almost here!!So pumped that Sportiqe has 8 styles that will be sold during the two-week event.The BELGIAN waffle hoodie is INSANE!!Pick them up quick, cause there gonna be sold out early in the event.You can see a bunch of the styles on the Sportiqe Facebook page.The Sportiqe/U.S. Open collection is one of the coolest event collections we have done to this date.I grew up playing tennis.So having a collection at the largest tennis event in the states is really a dream come true.Special thanks has to go out to all of our friends at the USTA who have been so supportive. In addition Heineken has partnered with Sportiqe for a Heineken/US Open co-branded collection that will be sold on the US Open grounds as well!!!Sportiqe is ALL over the US Open!!Very cool!



Ate at another DDD spot in PHX today.Los Taquitos.THE BEST tacos I have ever had.EVERYTHING is homemade.The carne asada brought tears to my eyesJ and the salsa was out of this world!HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!


One of my new favorite songs of the summer is on the new WILCO album.The song is titled YOU NEVER KNOW.The album is great.You should check it out for sure.


Thanks again for all of the love and support.Talk soon.



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