It all comes back to lunch

October 03, 2008

Sportiqe tailgate party last week was quite a good time. My mom and Dad flew in from Chicago. There was even a Vegas Seth sighting in Tempe. Matty Mills made an appearance from LA. Food (jenny’s chocolate chip cookies were dynamite) and company were outstanding. I am just sorry that the ASU football team got killed. I think you can check out some of the tailgate pics on the website.  Special Thanks to Bill Bonnell at ESPN for letting me sit in the production truck for the big game. I had no idea, how much work it takes to produce a sporting event. Another big shout out has to go out to Sportiqe intern James Brehmer. The Sigma Pi party the Friday night before the game was one of the best frat parties I have EVER been to. Both Vegas Seth and Mill both agree.

Roll Tide!!!! Big win at Georgia last week. So excited to attend my first Alabama/Auburn game this year!

Do the Chicago Cubs know that the playoffs have started???? Thank goodness the Blackhawks and Bulls season is around the corner. I don’t think the Cubbies are going to be playing for much longer
Did I mention how hot the Sportiqe gear is gonna look at the UC this fall?

Finally getting a chance to relax after four weeks straight on the road. I was in a lot of different cities, but one thing remained the same. People are really digging what were doing here at Sportiqe Apparel. I just wish it got a little cooler here in AZ. I would love to start rocking some of the new hoodies and layered pieces we have. There has been a Super Mario/Nintendo hoodie that has been sitting in my closet for a month, it’s just too hot here to wear….. Speaking of NINTENDO….. If by chance you are in NYC, and you have some time.. Go check out the Nintendo World store in Rockefeller Plaza. The Sportiqe/Nintendo collection is flying out of the store. I think I could play the bowling game on the wii for an entire week straight if I could.

Have you picked up the new Marc Broussard album?? The name of the album is Keep Coming Back. It is fantastic. Evangeline Rose is one of my new favorite songs. I’m looking forward to catching up with Marc next week in Tucson.

If you haven’t bought the new O.A.R album ALL SIDES yet, what are you waiting for??? The whole album is great. My favorite songs are This Town, War Song, and What Is Mine. O.A.R will be hitting a college campus close to your town this November. Please go check them out

Time to get on the tye dye program for next spring/summer.. Yes… I did say tye dye

Glad to see that people are starting to take my advice and rock the v-necks. Yes it is happening now, and will stay happening for the next year. It’s not too late to get on the v-neck bandwagon.

Is anyone watching the new 90210???? How many more episodes before Brandon and or Dylan come walking through the doors of the Peach Pit?? Shoot I’ll even settle for an Andrea Zuckerman sighting. Do you think Nat has change the recipe for the Mega Burger?? What is in the mega burger? What makes it “mega”?? I do think that some of the new girls on the show should probably eat a few of them.

That’s all of the deep thoughts for now. Have a great weekend everyone.

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