Democrat or Republican?

November 04, 2008

Republican or Democrat??? Everyone buys clothes!  That’s all I will say about the subject
So happy the NBA season has begun.  The league is LOADED with talent this year.  There are sooo many good teams.  Got the chance to catch my hometown team, the Chicago Bulls play last week.  It is so special every time I get to walk through my hometown stadium and see people wearing Sportiqe! Back to the hoops at hand…Derrick Rose is a stud!!  The Bulls are going to be an exciting team to watch this year.  Watching Boston be the sports championship mecca the past few years has made me jealous.  I’m ready for Chicago to take the torch!  Please don’t forget to pick up your Sportiqe Apparel Bulls and Blackhawks merch at the United Center!!
I got to spend a wonderful day with my twin sister Jenny last week! Although I might have second thoughts about letting her pick the movie next time.  What movie you ask??  High School Musical 3.  It was um…. Entertaining?  Understanding dialogue was very difficult with hundreds of screaming 10-11 year old girls in the theatre (and also my sister).  Regardless it’s always good time catching up with the family.
Speaking of family…. I am so excited that I get to go back to Iowa City this weekend.  I will be attending the Iowa/Penn State game.  Unfortunately, being an Iowa Hawkeye fan is a lot like being a Cubs fan☺ I hope that I can see a Final Four or a football National Championship in my lifetime.  I am just excited to get the chance to catch up with so many friends this weekend.  REALLY looking forward to George’s Gyros after the bars close on Saturday!! If you’re wearing a Sportiqe shirt and see me in line at the gyros stand…. Gyros on me!!:-)
Have a coke and a smile.  Sportiqe Apparel is proud to announce that we are now making apparel for Coca-Cola!  I have been a huge fan of coke for a long time.  I have at least one every day.  So excited that we get the chance to work together.
Special thanks to Greg Olsen of the Chicago Bears for rocking Sportiqe at his post-game press conference on Sunday!
As always thanks to everyone for all of their support.  Sportiqe to the world!!!  Talk again soon.


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