Gus Special

November 25, 2008

I have found the best preventative hangover food of all time!!!  It is the Gus Special at The White Spot in Charlottesville, VA.  What’s the “GUS SPECIAL” you ask??  Well… it’s a cheeseburger with a fried egg on top.  I would only recommend this after a LONG night of drinking.  I would like to send out a special thanks to all of my friends in C-Ville for showing me such a great time last weekend.  Chris Varga is a stud and will be the new mayor of Charlottesville, VA!!  I would also like to give a special shout out to B.T. for allowing me to come in the studio and check out the “creative process” that goes in to making some of the best music in the world!  I have a feeling that the new DMB album coming out this spring will be amazing!

Had a great run in the last 10 days.  Iowa, North Carolina, Philly, C-Ville, and Columbus.
Getting a chance to witness Iowa upset Penn State in the Carpenter sky-box is something that I will never forget.  The Carpenters are my second family at Iowa.  Iowa hasn’t beat a top 5 ranked team since 1990, so being there to share the day with the Carpenters was extra special.  Even though I had to start tailgating at 7am for a 2:30 game, it was still worth it.  So excited that I got my fix of pork on a stick!!  Where else besides the Iowa tailgate are you going to get pork on a stick?  Thanks to all my old friends in Iowa who make me feel at home every time I’m in town.

Pin up girl t’s at Urban Outfitters this spring!!!  The vintage pin-up look is gonna be hot this spring and summer.  Get on this look early.  There is a VERY limited supply currently on our store.  Get supplies while they last.

Did you pick up the new Killers album yet?? Are you human or are you dancer?  Did you pick up the new The Fray single??  Lots of good new music just came out.  Go pick it up!!

Caught up with O.A.R. in Columbus last Friday night.  All of the fellas in O.A.R. went to Ohio State, so it was a very special homecoming of sorts.  So great to see people at show wearing Sportiqe/Ohio State gear and Sportiqe/O.A.R. gear!!!  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have Sportiqe/O.A.R./College gear all in one?!?!  Stay tuned!

It’s so exciting to get to go to the Midwest and East Coast this time of year.  I can finally start to wear the Sportiqe fall/winter collection!!  Long sleeve tri blend, waffles, double layer hoodies, zip up track jacket sweaters.  There is sooo much to choose from.  I end up putting on so many layers because I never can figure out what to wear.  As excited as I am about all of the items in the current collection, there are no words to describe my excitement for all of the new items in “the lab”. There is a revolution going on in our industry.  I am proud to say that Sportiqe is leading the charge.  Please join us on our quest of bringing cool fashion to the fan! Tell your local team shop, bookstore, department store, corporation, band that they need to carry Sportiqe!!

Lastly I would like to take a minute to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  The Sportiqe Apparel family has SOO much to be thankful for.  Everyone please eat lots of turkey and give lots of hugs to your family.

Talk soon.


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