Comfort food...Comfort Clothes

January 12, 2009

Happy new year everyone! I would like to welcome everyone to 2009. I know that 2008 was a bit of a headache for a lot of people. I am confident that 2009 there will be change and the sun will shine again.

We are so excited about the new fall 2009 collection. The samples are finally finished. The collection will be unveiled this week at the NBA Expo here in Phoenix. The collection was inspired by comfort. In these trying times many people revert back to things that make them feel comfortable. We hear the words Comfort food a lot. Well I think Sportiqe has been successful in providing a collection of comfort clothes. For me comfort foods are hot wings and cheese fries. Putting on some of the new pieces in the Sportiqe collection gives me the same satisfaction as eating wings and cheese fries (and it’s a lot less calories). I think when you get the chance to see the collection you will feel the same way. I have also called the fall 2009 collection the THRILLER COLLECTION. When Michael Jackson put out the Thriller album, every song was a hit. It was an album that changed the face of music. Michael was successful in bringing a whole new sound to the industry and to the world. I truly believe that every piece in this collection is a hit. I believe the fall 09 Sportiqe collection will define what Sportiqe Apparel really is. FASHION for the fan! In our current economy people are going to be very picky about the clothes that they are going to buy. If they’re going to buy a new garment it better be REALLY COOL. The Sportiqe Apparel collection is full of must haves. When you see it, you will immediately understand why I am so excited.

Sportiqe Apparel is very excited to have collections going in to Urban Outfitters and Walt Disney World in the first quarter of this year!!!

When I was 15 I had the opportunity to spend the day with Ernie Banks “Mr. Cub”. Ernie told me something that day that I have lived by ever since. He said “no matter what, just keep going”. I really believe going in to 2009, that this is that attitude that we all need to take. The times are going to get better. We just need to keep going.

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