Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

August 11, 2007

Hey. I have been traveling like a crazy person this week. Nyc, long island, Hartford, Chicago, northwest Indiana, Nashville, Iowa, and god knows where else. Got back to Los Angeles at midnight on Thursday. I don't know what the deal is with me running in to hip-hop artists at LAX. I was checking my bags going to Chicago last week right behind Common. I spoke with him for a few minutes. It was 6am, and I had gotten about 2 hours of sleep. Common looked like he didn't sleep at all. I haven't gotten the chance to listen to his new album in its entirety yet, but I have heard it's awesome. Walking out of LAX on Thursday I saw JA Rule. I haven't heard or seen JA Rule, since I saw him perform at a bar in Des Moines, Iowa a few summers ago.

I got to catch .O.A.R at Jones Beach in Long Island last Friday night. GREAT SHOW!! It was extra special because I got to enjoy the show with my brother Seth and my business partner Matt. It was the first time that Matt and Seth got to meet all of the fellas from the band and also the crew. You can see the pictures from our experience on our SPORTIQE MYSPACE account. Thanks to Rick, Malibu, JP, Dave, Heather, Marc, Jerry, Benj, Richard, and Chris for being such great hosts this entire summer. We would also like to thank all of the .O.A.R fans that having been buying all of the Sportiqe/.O.A.R tour merch at a record pace this summer!!! I promise we will continue to come up with new ideas for you all to check out each and every season. To get a chance to design apparel for one of your favorite bands is really a dream come true, so thank you very much!!!

Last Saturday I spent the evening with DMB in Hartford, CT. I had to catch a 3-hour train from Penn Station to get there, but it was well worth it. The fellas pulled out a set list from the vault. One hit after another, it was really awesome. So good to see the DMB fans buying up the hats and the grey t-shirts. Make sure to check out the new navy polos that hit the tour this past week. I'm telling you pick one up. You will not be disappointed!! Good catching up my friend Bill from ESPN. Looking forward to meeting back up with Bill at a college football game this year. Also big thanks to Boyd Tinsley for the tix, food, drinks, great conversation and the ride back to my hotel on the new kick ass tour bus. Look forward to catching back up with B.T and the rest of the gang at Alpine Valley at the end of the month

Got to visit with a few friends last week. Special thanks to DJ in NYC for dinner!! Always good to catch up with the old crew from Madison. If all of the ladies in Brazil look as good as your friend we are going to visit for SURE!!

Also wanted to say a big CONGRATS to my close friend and childhood neighbor Ryan Hogan. After Ryan and I had a late lunch last Wednesday in Des Moines, he went home and proposed to his girlfriend Kelly. Ryan of course was wearing our Sportiqe polo when he proposed.  My guess is that is why she said yes!!!  Congrats to Ryan and Kelly. If I survive the bachelor party, I will look forward to being in Rhode Island for the wedding next summer!!

Please check out our Sportiqe Myspace account!!

Sportiqe would also like to announce that we are now doing merch for HOOTERS!!!!! I love WINGS, especially the wings at HOOTERS!!! You will be able to see Sportiqe/Hooters T-shirts in Hooters restaurants across the country, starting after Labor Day. Very exciting to get to be back working with my old friends over at Hooters!! You guys are the best.

Thanks to everyone for reading. be good. talk soon.

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