What city do I live in?

August 20, 2007

I was at the dentists office today and he asked what city I live in?  I just said it depends on the day.  It looks as if the traveling circus will be up and moving again.  I am finally moving to PHOENIX!!!  As sad as I am to have to leave Los Angeles, it's finally time for me to be closer to the office in Tempe.

Was in Phoenix on Thursday of last week.  I didn't think it would be possible....but thanks to my new friends David and Mike, I think we had a least 1 drink at every bar in old town Scottsdale.  Good times!!  I look forward to some more fun nights in AZ

I know my cholesterol is a bit high, but how can i not stop for a superdawg and supercheesie at SUPERDAWG when I come to Chicago?????  Thanks to Michael Goldner for the ride home from O'hare and the amazing stop at Superdawg on Friday night.  I think my dream of a Sportiqe/Superdawg shirt might finally come true!!

Saturday night was DMB in INDY.  Thanks to Kelly, Brittney, Paige, Kelsey, and the ENTIRE RECTOR FAMILY for making the show a great time!  I thought I roll with a pretty big crew to the concerts.....Andy Rector rolled with a 27 person entourage.  All great people, I'm always glad to make new friends.

If you are going to the DMB shows in Alpine Valley this weekend. I will be at both shows!!  If you see me please introduce yourself with a high five and a hug!!

Thanks for reading. talk to you soon.

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