Chips before 10 am?

September 18, 2007

Random question of the day.... is it acceptable to eat potato chips before 10am? Please send all answers to Michael Goldner of 3125 W. Fullerton Chicago, IL. He will probably be busy walking his girlfriend’s dog, but leave a message.

I am now a resident of Arizona. It was a great year in Los Angeles. Thanks to all of my new friends in L.A. It was by far one of the most fun years of my life! I am very sorry to leave. However, I need to be a bit closer to the offices here in the valley of the sun. I leave you in good hands with "the professor" Matt Miller. I wish Matt's new roommates Joey and Dick the best of luck helping him find his car keys and cell phone on a daily basis.

Just got finished with a month straight on the road. I won't bore you with all of the cities I was in on this tour of duty. I am not kidding when I say that I live out of a suitcase. I’m currently doing laundry right now, so I can go on my trip tomorrow to San Francisco.
Congrats to my latest friend to get engaged, JOSH CRANE!!!! Crane-O you found a special lady. I am really happy for you buddy.

Also wanted to say CONGRATS to my friend David Simon who got married labor day weekend in Columbus, OH.  The wedding was outstanding.  Great to see the entire crew together again for the weekend.  I had a blast......BRAD SIEGEL you are next!!!  February is right around the corner.

I would like to welcome two new artists to the Sportiqe family: BRANDI CARLILE and MATT MAHER. I got to check out the Brandi Carlile show last Friday in Phoenix. I am very confident in saying that I had the most attractive and wonderful date at the Marquee Theatre.... MY MOM!!!! I go to a lot of concerts, but it was really great to get to go to a concert with the lady that introduced me to music.
We are now starting to ship the fall collection to a majority of the NBA and NHL teams. The fall collection looks AMAZING!!!! I am really excited. Every piece you put on you don't want to take off. I am having trouble picking out my favorite pieces from the collection. We now have color tri-blend t-shirts and a long sleeve tri-blend that are the softest things ever. When you go to your local team shop this year, you will see what I'm talking about.

My BDAY/DMB show next Tuesday in Phoenix is going to be out of control. The majority of the Sportiqe family and some other special out of town guests will be in attendance. It's going to be awesome!! Very excited. Can't think of a better way to celebrate my bday then at a DMB concert... I mean I always thought that nothing could top my 4th grade bday party at Soccer City. Sorry mom and dad, but I think the DMB show in Phoenix might top it.

I need to go fold some laundry and get some sleep. Wow do I sound like a lot of fun!! Good night. Talk to you all soon. Thanks for reading.

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