October 31, 2007

I know most of my blogs are always positive and uplifting, but I lost someone very special in my life this past week. Dr. Fred Carpenter, “Doc Iowa” as my dad would like to call him. The Carpenter family was THE reason I went to the University of Iowa.  I can honestly say I would not be the man that I am today without the love and support of the Carpenters.  Scott and Three were like a second set of big brothers.  Scott signed me up for all of my classes’ freshman year.  He also took me around to every bar in town and introduced me to every doorman, bartender, and bouncer.  I never had a problem getting in to a bar or getting a drink.  Doc and Dorothy Carpenter were my second parents for the 4 years I went to Iowa.  I went to every football and basketball game with them.  Going to Iowa sporting events with the Carpenters were some of my fondest memories from school.  I especially liked the basketball games.  Sitting courtside next to Doc as he yelled at the refs and listening to Dorothy give me the inside scoop was the best.  No matter if it was an Iowa win or loss, it was getting the chance to spend time with Doc and the rest of the family that mattered the most.  Doc was also there every time I would get sick.  I can remember many occasions Doc and Dorothy driving up from Newton to make sure I was okay.  Dorothy was also always there any time I had a question with homework or a problem with a teacher.  I could go on all day about how much the Carpenters have helped me.  Having a second set of parents around during such a developmental part of my life was huge.  I never really had the opportunity to get homesick because Doc and Dorothy were always around.  THANK YOU DOC FOR EVERYTHING.  I Miss you!

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