It's Fall!

November 07, 2007

I got to have a very special date at the House of Blues in Chicago a few weeks back. My twin sister Jennifer and I went and checked out the Brandi Carlile show. Jennifer is by far the smarter, more attractive, and friendlier of the Franklin twins. She is an awesome lawyer.  I am very proud of her.  I am glad just the two of us got the hang for the evening. Brandi put on an awesome show. Thank you very much to the Aware Records gang for the box seats!!!!
The NBA season has started!! I am so excited. Please go to your local NBA team shop and pick up some of the new gear. I could go on and on about how I think the collection is awesome. However, I am going to let you the consumer be the judge of that yourself. I think you will like what Sportiqe Apparel created this season.
Can the Bulls please win a game?????? 0 and 4 to start the season? I am sick to my stomach thinking about it.
My business partner in crime, Matt Altman, just made it home safely from a trip to the orient. Welcome home Matt! If I don’t say it enough, Matt is the reason Sportiqe runs. He is the glue that keeps all of the pieces together. Hopefully soon I can convince him to start a “MATT’S BLOG” page. Matt is a really cool dude, and I think people would really like to hear what he has to say.
I was at the NBA Entertainment League party in LA on Friday night. The Ice Cube performance brought down the house. Glad I got to share the night with my friends, Matt, Dickie, and Jessica. Dickie and I got an awesome picture with Ice Cube. I will be putting it up on the site soon. The Sportiqe Apparel NBAE gear is amazing. I wish the general public could get their hands on some. The “commish” Shane Duffy makes the gear so exclusive; people in the NBA office can’t even get it.
I’m gearing up for another long trip. Three and a half weeks on the road. I will be in Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Indiana, and Michigan. I get a few days at home for the big turkey day. My family does not get the chance to all be together very often. Probably only a few times every year. Thanksgiving will be a great time to catch up with everyone. I’m looking forward to it. We all have a lot to be thankful for this year!
Living in Arizona, I really haven’t had much of a chance to rock some of the new Sportiqe fall collection. I am glad I’ll finally have an excuse to wear it on the east coast. Cold weather is fine. Just no snow please.

Thanks for reading. Talk soon.

Nick D and Rachel are having twins!!!  Congrats!!! Think Frankie would be a great boys name!!

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