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December 07, 2007

It’s 8am and I get to drive to work in 70-degree weather. I must be back in Arizona. Been traveling like a gypsy again. New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philly, Chicago, Indy, Iowa City, East Lansing. Thanksgiving at my parents was unbelievable. Turkey day at the Franklin household is always special. It’s one of the rare occasions the family gets to be together. There is soooo many thanks to give out this year. I hope the entire network of Sportiqe friends and family had a great Thanksgiving!!

DMB at West Point Academy was outstanding. I got the chance to visit with a bunch of the cadets before the show. They were so pumped. 2 Free Dave Matthews Band shows to all of the cadets!!!! Thank you very much to LTC Craig Flowers, for being such an amazing host. It is going to be an honor to have Sportiqe Apparel in the Cadet Shop this spring! B.T. and crew, thanks very much for the bus trip back to NYC. Always a good time to catch up with the C-Ville gang.

Stone Lotus Friday after thanksgiving with a chunk of the Chicago crew of friends was a blast. Brad Siegel and Michael Goldner out on the same evening was a site to see. It’s about as common as an eclipse. My sister from another mother, Jess Frank, coming all the way from L.A. was a fantastic effort. However, the true MVP of the evening was Mandy “soon to be” Siegel. Mandy was one of the last people standing on Saturday morning. I am so excited for Mandy to be formally initiated in to the crew in February.

Fellas, I would like to call an end to keeping your button down dress shirts UNTUCKED!!! This style is OVER!!! TUCK IN YOUR SHIRTS!!! Wearing a pair of jeans with an untucked dress shirt is over. I don’t know any other ways to explain it.

It was great to get the chance to be in cold weather for a little bit. It really allowed me the chance to rock the Sportiqe Apparel fall/winter collection for the first time. You need to get your hands on ANYTHING long sleeve that Sportiqe is offering. I promise you, it will be the most comfy items you have in the wardrobe.

Tina Rosin and Todd Goldner are doing their thing in Iowa City. It was great to get the chance to party with the younger sibs last weekend. I get to spend 1 to 2 weekends a year with Jerry “THE BOSS” Rosin and Michael Goldner. Jerry is now one of the married folk. Iowa City is always one of the weekends out. Boys trip to the old stomping grounds. THANK YOU very much to my new friend Ashley for allowing Michael Goldner to come on the annual trip. Even if it means that Mikey has to walk your dog in the middle of the night this whole winter, it was worth it!

Sportiqe Apparel is now a proud licensee of the University of Iowa. I think were going to have a lot of loyal customers at the University of Iowa bookstores and team shops for years to come. I can’t wait for the first collection to hit.

Shout out to Mark Cuban rocking out Sportiqe Apparel at the Bulls/Mavs game on Monday night. Wearing the limited edition NBA Entertainment league Camper.  IF DAN SHANK CAN EVER FIX THIS SITE!!! I WILL BE ABLE TO PUT PICTURES ON THIS BLOG VERY SOON. DAN…. PLEASE CALL ME!!! Dan are you there???

Rycroft. Glad to here that you are still alive. I will call off the search party in Cleveland.

Thanks for the car Paul. LEVIN BMW!!! Hi Little Ava! I’m so glad that you don’t cry when I hold you now!!

Thanks for reading. Talk soon.

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