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February 28, 2008

If you haven’t been to yet, what are you waiting for??
It is SOOO good to be back in the warm weather for a bit.  There has been so much going on in the world of Sportiqe Apparel.  The new gear keeps getting better and better.
I would like to welcome two new fantastic bands to the Sportiqe Apparel family.  Puddle of Mudd and OneRepublic are now selling Sportiqe Apparel on their respective tours!!!!
Matt and I went and checked out Matt Maher last night in Phoenix.  They only played a half hour set, and I felt cheated.  These guys rocked the house, and they couldn’t be a nicer group of fellas.  We are so excited that they are a part of the Sportiqe family.  New album comes out next month.  I can’t wait.
Shaq on the Suns!!!!  The stadium has been rocking. I am so flattered that the Sportiqe gear continues to fly out of the stadium.  I think the Suns are on their 6th or 7th re-order this season.  I really appreciate all of the love we are getting in Phoenix.
Attention students of Arizona State University… Sportiqe Apparel will start being sold at your bookstore next month. James Brehmer and I will be driving up and down Mill Ave. with a megaphone alerting everyone the day it arrives.  Nice work G$ and Matt!
Thanks to Monica and the rest of the ladies of apartment 1812 for being such great hosts at University of Iowa last week.  I am so pumped that Sportiqe Apparel will start being sold at University of Iowa bookstores this fall!  I got to see an Iowa Basketball victory last week.  Victories are pretty hard to come by this year.  Thanks for the tickets Scott!  Dorothy (MOM 2) you were missed.  Having Sportiqe Apparel sold at my alma mater is really a dream come true.
Sportiqe Apparel is going to be for sale at THE Ohio State Football and basketball games next season.  I think I just found some love for another Big 10 school!  Michael Smucker is on fire!!!  My brother from another mother has been traveling like a gypsy. Smuck is spreading the Sportiqe gospel around the country.  Sportiqe is going to be in so many cool places thanks to him.  He is the man!!
Have you gone to yet??
Congrats to Mandy and Brad Siegel for tying the knot.  I am so glad that I could be a part of your big day.  Brad I can’t believe you pulled of a speech in front of 300+ people.  I am still in shock.  Don’t hold your breath for a Jason Franklin wedding any time soon.
Congrats to Rachel and Nick D on the birth of twins.  I am so excited to meet my two new friends Gia and Nick Jr.
Seth Franklin is kicking ass in Las Vegas.  Glad I got to catch up with my baby bro.  As I tell everyone, he is the real Franklin you all should get to know.  He is going to be THE MAN in Las Vegas!
If you happen to be in Las Vegas check out the Sportiqe Apparel/Wynn collection being sold at the boutiques at the Wynn Hotel and Resort.
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