Cheerios and Sprite

March 12, 2008

So I had the flu last week.  I was in bed for pretty much the entire week.  It really sucked.  I didn’t have an appetite at all.  I was in bed with a bowl of cheerios filled with Sprite.  Yes sounds disgusting, but in this bachelor pad of mine, it was the best tasting combination in the house.
However, just as the song goes, I do get by with a little help from my friends.  G “Money” Shafir came to save the day with soup, crackers, water, bread, etc…  A special thanks has to go out to everyone in the Sportiqe Apparel home office. I know it wasn’t fun putting up with the sick Jason last week.
The NCAA tournament has been a lot of fun to watch.  I think Kansas will win the whole thing, but it’s going to be tough.  Memphis looks like a pro team.  I think they could beat the Bulls right now.
I can’t wait till the Sportiqe Apparel collection starts hitting the college campuses.  I think the college students around the country are in for a treat!!
The NBA playoffs are going to be FANTASTIC.  There are so many good teams.  I really have no idea who is going to be the last two standing.  I was at the Suns/Rockets game a few weeks back.  Tracy McGrady is a STUD!  He is so much fun to watch.  With Yao being out, he has got to be considered and MVP candidate.  It was so great to see so many people wearing Sportiqe at the US Airways Center.  The Suns team shopped was filled with people buying the new Sportiqe gear.  I had a lot of fun helping people find the right style, and sizes that they were looking for.  A special thanks has to go out to the entire staff at the team shop.  They are doing an amazing job!
I’m going to be heading to the University of Alabama this week!!!  Alabama has a very special meaning to my family.  The majority of my fathers’ family went to school there.  An Alabama/Sportiqe collection would really be a big hit for sure!
Thanks to Puddle of Mudd for the tickets to their show in Tempe last Friday.  My twin sister Jenny accompanied James, Georgie, and me to the show.  It was great to have Jenny out from Chicago for the weekend.  I look forward to hopefully having her out here as a full time resident very soon.

Please check back to the site in the next few days.  Our website is going to have an entire new look..... and a few more people with sportiqe blogs!!

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