Matt's Big Breakfast

April 07, 2008

I know that I normally don't give restaurant reviews.  I just needed to let everyone know that I went to a new place in Phoenix for breakfast yesterday.  Matt's Big Breakfast(no relation to matt altman) on 1st ave in downtown phoenix.  I had the breakfast sandwich.  I think I had tears of joy it was soooooo good.  Eggs, cheese, thick bacon, and grilled onions on a fresh roll.  The house potatoes, with rosemary and onions, that come on the side are outstanding.  The fresh squeezed juice is a great way to wash it all down.  The place is worth the 20/30 minute wait.  I will definitely be a fixture on the weekends when I'm in town..... that is until I eat so many breakfast sanwiches that I can't fit in the door.

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