Ice cream melts when its hot

June 05, 2008

I’m on the plane flying home from yet another amazing adventure.  I can’t say it enough, but seeing people around the country taking to the Sportiqe Apparel collection is a dream come true!

NYC was awesome as usual.  I got a sneak peak of the National Sports Museum.  If you are NYC you need to go.  The Sportiqe gear in the gift shop on Wall St. is looking pretty cool.  Sportiqe Apparel on Wall St. in NEW YORK CITY!!!!

The collections for the Knicks and Rangers next season at the Garden are going to be really sharp.  Lonia and Shirley do an awesome job of putting together stellar collections for the shop.  MSG is the mecca for sports.  It’s an honor to have Sportiqe at the Garden.

I would also like to welcome Marc Broussard to the growing list of artists that Sportiqe Apparel works with.  Marc has been one of my favorite artists for a long time.  “ Gavin’s Song” and “Rocksteady” are two of my favorite songs.

Thanks again to my friends D.J. and Sammy for making my trips to NYC so much fun!!  You guys rock!

Happy 30th bday to my brother Matt Miller.  Matt and I have been friends since the 6th grade.  His Bday blowout in LA was a party that I will never forget.  He is by far the smartest one of my friends.  However, the kid will still lose his cell phone and keys on a daily basis.
Happy 30th bday to my other brothers Brad Siegel and Jerry “THE BOSS” Rosin.  I was so glad to get the two married fellas out of the house for a few drinks in Chicago last week.  Those who know Brad, know that him leaving his couch is a pretty monumental event.  As for Jerry, its more of a problem finding him.  He’s been one of my closest friends since the 9th grade, and the kid can disappear better than Houdini.  I’m happy that he finally surfaced and we got to grab a bite.

Summer time is a time for v-necks and comfy collard shirts!!!!  Check out some of the new Sportiqe summer time gear.

The DMB summer tour kicks off next week.  DO YOU HAVE YOUR TICKETS???????  If you have never been to a Dave Matthews Band show you are missing out!

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