There are angels on earth disguised as mothers

July 18, 2008

There is food in my refrigerator… That must mean one thing… my mom is in town.  HI MOM!!!!

Where do I start…….

New O.A.R. album is AWESOME!!!!!!!  Go pick up now.  I can’t stop listening to it

Thanks to my boy Ryan Johnson for being such an awesome host in Florida.  DMB shows were awesome!!  Even though it was insanely hot.  RJ: please remember that drinks at bars are meant to go in your mouth, not in your pants.  Also the bathroom rugs are supposed to stay in the bathroom, not be used as capes.  I can’t wait to start writing our book of best text messages ever!!

The Nintendo World store in NYC now has some awesome merch.  I can’t believe that Sportiqe Apparel is doing shirts with Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and Link.  Don’t worry Mikey Goldner, I know you are the Zelda master.  The Link shirt is in the mail.  If any of you get the chance to get the NYC Nintendo World Store, go pick up some gear!!!

Congrats to our new superstar rep Julie Altman.  She got married!!!

Sammy Frankfort- you throw the craziest parties ever!!!!  30th in the Hamptons with Wyclef was EPIC!! So happy I got to be there.

Special thanks goes out to Michael Phelps.  In case you have been living under a rock.  Michael Phelps is about to break every swimming record at the upcoming Olympic games.  Michael is a big fan of Sportiqe Apparel.  He requested a special Sportiqe Apparel/USA Swimming collection that will now be sold at all of the Olympic training facilities.  The collection is incredible.  Sportiqe Apparel is also doing Team USA collection.  Go get patriotic and buy some merch!!!!

Heading to Mile High Music Festival tomorrow!!! DMB, O.A.R. Mayer, Tom Petty, Black Crowes, OneRepublic, and more…..oh my what a lineup!!! Very excited to get my mile high groove on.

Talk again soon.

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