Random thoughts from the road

August 05, 2008

I have yet to figure out why people update their facebook accounts to tell the world what they are doing. Does it need to be public knowledge that you are “going to sleep” or “eating”???? Can someone please explain this to me??? I think I’m going to start updating the Sportiqe facebook account when I go to the bathroom. Something like “just took a great crap” or “that vitamin B pill really makes my urine turn yellow” You know stuff that really matters. I think that all of my facebook “friends” would really enjoy that type of an update. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy facebook. However, some of the updates that people put just boggle my mind. But really who am I to talk, I write an entire blog!

The above thought was one of several hundred thoughts that I had driving from Chicago to Phoenix last week. Apologies to the above 40 crowd that read my blog. You have no idea what that whole first paragraph was about, so you can start reading NOW…

V-NECKS PEOPLE!!! Sportiqe Apparel has some great v-necks, white and charcoal. You need to get on this trend. I have been preaching the v since the inaugural Sportiqe collection 3 years ago. It is time to hop on the bandwagon. You don’t have to rock one of those deep v’s that goes down to your belly button. The high v-neck will do. So happy to see that Arizona State University and USA Swimming are hoping on the trend. Please jump on in. The water is warm and getting warmer

If you haven’t purchased a copy of the new O.A.R album ALL SIDES, what are you waiting for???? I have a general rule that I have to like 3 songs on the album before I buy it. ALL SIDES doesn’t have 3 songs. EVERY SONG IS GREAT!!! I am so happy for the fellas. They have worked so hard, and are an incredibly nice group of guys. BUY THE ALBUM; BUY A TICKET TO THE SHOW. It is worth it!!!

Matt’s Big Breakfast in downtown Phoenix is THE BEST breakfast place in the country!!!! My mom and I have eaten just about everything on the menu
Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, AZ has the best onion rings EVER!! . My mom, sister, and brother-in-law were literally fighting for the last one. Sorry dad, but your onion rings have finally been beat.

Special thanks needs to go out to my mom, dad, brother and sister. Starting a company is never easy. You all have helped me stay sane. I appreciate that. Mom: who knew that not only are you an amazing teacher, but you are also a great interior decorator. Anyone that comes out to Tempe, can come see for himself or herself. Dad: the cross-country trip with you last week was one that I will never forget. I’m only sorry we couldn’t take longer to do it.

Time for some sleep. Goodnight to all. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dream, and make a living out of it.

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