Sportiqe extended family notes

March 26, 2007

Back at you again. Just got back from Las Vegas. Was at the two Dave Matthews Band shows over the weekend. As usual the fellas ROCKED! Always good to see DMB perform live. It was really good to get the chance to be at the Friday show, with my Sportiqe Apparel partner in crime, Matt Altman. For those of you who have not met Matt, he is the GLUE at Sportiqe. None of the success at Sportiqe would be possible without him!! If you see him at a show this summer I urge you to give him a hug!
There were also some very special guests at the Saturday show. Mom, dad, brother, Aunt Marilyn, and Uncle Larry all got to see their first DMB shows!!! Thanks for the tix Boyd Tinsley. Not only was it a great DMB show, but it was also my moms 60th BDAY!!!! What a way to celebrate. I can’t begin to describe the feeling that I got bringing my family to the show. Got to introduce my family to the DMB family…VERY SPECIAL!!!

There was TONS of DMB/Sportiqe Apparel being sold at the shows. Thanks to all of the amazing DMB fans for their patronage. Wait until you see the new gear that we are creating for the Summer tour. It’s gonna be AMAZING!

My brother, Seth, and I got the chance to hang with my good friend, Boyd Tinsley, after the show on Saturday. We spent about 4 hours on his bus after the show catching up on what’s been going on. Not only is B.T. the best violin player in the world, he is also one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is a big fan of Sportiqe and I can’t thank him enough for all of his support and creative advice. I am truly lucky to have a friend like B.T. Look forward for our big tennis match this summer.

It is always a pleasure to get a chance to hang out with the entire DMB family. They are all GOOD PEOPLE! It is a pleasure and an honor to get the chance to do merch for truly one of the GREATEST bands in the world! DMB has been inspiring me creatively for a long time. It’s very nice to now have built a personal relationship with them.

This FRIDAY is a VERY special day in the Sportiqe Apparel family. Matt is getting married. All of the Sportiqe family will be in attendance. Clara is an amazing person. It’s great to see a wonderful person such as Matt find another wonderful person to spend his life with. CONGRATS TO MATT AND CLARA!!! I love you both! I’m very excited for the both of you.

Will get back at everyone soon. Thanks for reading and keep checking back!!