May 07, 2007

So that happened. I think i'm going to be ill after watching the first two games of the Bulls/Pistons series. That was ugly. I went up to Detroit for game 1. The only highlights of being in Detroit for game 1 was that I got to hang out with some friends and get to take my cousin Spencer to the game for his 8th bday! His dad Jerry took me to a Bulls/Pistons playoff game when I was 8, so it was a special time to do it with the next generation.  In addition, it's always good to see the loyal fans in Detroit rocking Sportiqe Pistons gear.  Thank you very much for the support!

Really excited to announce that there will be a KICK ASS SPORTIQE/DMB shirt in your local Urban Outfitters. The t-shirt is a washed out screenprint of the album cover from Under The Table And Dreaming. You need to check them out. It's an exclusive style to Urban Outfitters, I think you will like it a lot. Will get a picture and put it on the site.

Got to have a bday dinner tonight with Jerry "The Boss" Rosin. We went for our usual Carsons Ribs extravaganza. The Boss has been one of my friends since the 9th grade. The Boss is a unique individual. It is always awesome to have his personality in any activity. Happy 29th Bday Boss!

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