He did it!

May 14, 2007

My brother Seth GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe my baby brother Seth graduated college.  The whole family was in Las Vegas on Saturday to witness Seth's BIG day.  I am mighty proud of you bro!!  It was great to spend a night in vegas with my entire family for such a special event.  THANKS FOR DINNER DAD!

After 3 weeks of being on the road, I am FINALLY back in LA(yeah..a whole week and a half this time).  I had some great meetings over the past few weeks.  People are really starting to get on board with what we are doing at Sportiqe Apparel.  The fall collection is awesome.  The NBA stadium stores next fall are gonna be stocked with some sweet Sportiqe gear!  We also hope to add some more clients to our music roster very soon as well!!I am very excited!!!  Will keep you posted!

I would like to welcome John Mayer to the Sportiqe family.  We are very excited to be working on merch for John's upcoming tour.  The navy polo is going to be amazing.  I am a big fan of John's music.  It really has been an honor and a pleasure to get to work with some of John's team putting the merch together.  I am looking forward to checking out some of John's shows this summer!!!

If you haven't gone to Urban Outfitters to pick up your Sportiqe/DMB "Under The Table and Dreaming" shirt..WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????

.O.A.R. has a live disc out next month for their "SOLD-OUT" Madison Square Garden show they did over the winter.  PICK UP THIS DISC!!  Matt and I were both at the show.  It was AWESOME!!!!  Pre-order today.  The .O.A.R summer tour merch is going to be something special.  I am very excited to get on the road with those fellas next month.

gotta run! be good! talk soon.

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