Thank you Europe

June 01, 2007

Spent a week going from Brussels, Amsterdam, and London.  Slept about 9 hours total for the week.  I am a walking zombie right now.  Went with my friends Ryan, Mark, and Travis( the new summer crew!).  I think we drank each city dry.  We walked out of the clubs every night and the sun was up.. The clubs and pubs had a great energy. Had an AMAZING time!!!  Caught two DMB shows.  The crowds in Europe were intense.  I think DMB really fed off the crowd.  Very cool seeing people in another country rocking Sportiqe.  Met some GREAT people, hopefully made a few new friends....inspirational stuff!!  You can check out some of the pictures from my trip on my myspace page.

Did anyone see Michael Jord...i mean LeBron James play in game 5?????  The city of Cleveland should be rocking for game 6!!!

HAPPY BELATED 1st BIRTHDAY to my "niece" AVA LEVIN!!!!!  Ava was born 3 months before she was due.  She is truly a miracle baby....I am sorry I missed the party.  However, when you get a little bigger, I promise Uncle Jason will make you the best dressed girl at school!!!

I need to go pass our for a few days.... hugs and kisses(both cheeks of course)

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