June 13, 2007

Random notes from the road....

i think im going to start bringing back the word "neat" to describe things. you are a really neat kid.... or if i see something that i like i will say "neat-o". I think "NEAT-O" was started in the movie AIRPLANE or with The Brady Bunch, I can't remember. I think it was when the word "swell" started going out of style.

I checked out the John Mayer show on Sunday at the Hollywood Bowl...John Mayer is one talented dude. Thanks to Scotty Crowe and the folks at ATO for the tix. I was sitting next to William Shatner (Captain Kirk)at the show. Willy(it's what his close friends like myself call him) was rocking out at the show, it was pretty funny. You know you are a big celebrity when you are wearing sunglasses at night!!! I don't know how he saw any of the show. Sunglasses at night should be banned. They also should be banned if you are running on a treadmill. I see it everyday at my gym. I thought the people were kidding at first, but maybe it's an LA thing. Maybe im the one who is not cool for not wearing them when i workout?? Yeah, sunglasses, are a big thing out here...people don't leave home without them. No joke, I saw a guy walking into Whole Foods the other day wearing only sunglasses...actually thats not true, he was also wearing knee pads.

I was in Phoenix the past few days working on some of the new collections.....the fall '08 collection is going to be something special...REALLY NEAT-O!!!! We are going to bring the "E" to CLASS"E"... Also got to catch up with some old friends that I hadn't seen in a bit. The PINK TACO on Tuesday nights is off the hook. I didn't eat there but the drinks were refreshing. I have to say it was a pretty interesting scene. I don't really care to talk to people whom you need to fill out a credit application, before you can be friends with. that's all i will say about that subject....

I get to be in Los Angeles know for a WHOLE 10 days. I am very excited!!!

The summer concert season is upon us. I will try and take care of as many friends and family as possible with tickets. PLEASE try and remember that SPORTIQE is NOT TICKETMASTER...with that being said..if you tell me you are going to come to the show, flaking out at the last second is not cool know who you are... it is THE quickiest way to be removed from the invite list.

.O.A.R is in Anaheim tonight and L.A. tomorrow. I am going to both shows. VERY EXCITED to see a wall full of Sportiqe/.O.A.R merch at the shows. It's going to look really neat. I am wearing a .O.A.R. polo right now. I bought the Live at Madison Square Garden CD that the fellas just put out for the ride down to Anaheim tonight to get fired up for the show. I will also have the pleasure of eating a Chicago style dog at Portillo's before the show.  super neat-o..  FAST FOOD AND GROCERY STORES OF LOS ANGELES I have one question...Is it that hard to get a bun with some poppy seeds on it?????.....Alright, i have got to get moving...thanks for reading . will write about the shows on Friday

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