Music Marathon

June 17, 2007

Just had one of the more fun music marathons in my life. I got to see .O.A.R. as they opened up their summer tour with 3 shows (Anaheim, L.A., and San Diego). THANKS FOR THE TICKETS RICK!!!! .O.A.R. was awesome. They really put on a great live show. They lift the roof off the building each and every night. I got to spend a little time after the show in L.A. with Marc and Jerry. It was really cool to hear the guys so pumped up about the Sportiqe/.O.A.R. tour collection.  YOU NEED TO GET TO AN .O.A.R. SHOW THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Buy a shirt or two!!

I got to catch up on some tv saturday afternoon. On STARZ they had the last live concert ever recorded from TUPAC at the House of Blues. Tupac ran up on stage and just ripped through a 40 minute set. The audience was so charged up, they would have been ready to run through a brick wall for Tupac !! Then SNOOP came on and killed a 30 minute set. Both guys walked around that stage with so much swagger and confidence it was really cool to watch. They demand your respect when they are on the stage.

The extra wow of the week was getting a last second invite to go see the BLACK CROWES... The Black Crowes are in my top 5 favorite bands.  Thanks to my friend Danny Chaimson, of the Southland, we got to check out the Crowes at the Fonda Theatre in L.A.  The show was AMAZING!!! I really believe that Chris Robinson is one of the best front men out there.  It was great to see the show at such a small intimate setting.

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