Tyler Ennis

September 29, 2014

This week we had a special visitor at Sportiqe: Tyler Ennis of the Phoenix Suns.

Tyler Ennis Clothing Style

Tyler Ennis is familiar playing in orange uniforms on the basketball court. Last year as a freshman he played college basketball for the Orangeman at Syracuse University. Tyler was considered one of the top freshman in 2013–14 and was drafted 18th overall by the Phoenix Suns in the 2014 NBA draft.

Tyler Ennis Is Uniqe Tyler Ennis - Phoenix Suns

Tyler Ennis clothing style at Sportiqe included new Phoenix Suns apparel - available this season at the Suns Team Shop - as well as a uniqe branded piece from the Sportiqe collection: the Sportiqe Lambert Comfy T-Shirt.


The Sportiqe Lambert Comfy T-shirt features one of our favorite sayings at Sportiqe: You Are Uniqe. With a distressed Sportiqe Lambert graphic printed on our signature tri-blend fabric, this graphic tee is a must have for your collection.

Jason Franklin + Tyler Ennis at Sportiqe HQ

Another new Sportiqe graphic is the "Route" - featured in the above picture on our co-founder, Jason Franklin. The Route also celebrates our signature You Are Uniqe phrase.

You Are #Uniqe

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