The 3 Types Of Graphic T-Shirts

September 21, 2014

There are typically three types of graphic t-shirts. They differ in both design and style, but are best suited for certain outfits and combinations of clothing. Here are the 3 types of graphic t-shirts.

  1. Graphic Design Tees – These t-shirts are your typical shirt with a graphic displayed on the front. However, it’s easy to go wrong with these tees. You would do well sticking with white, grey, and black shirts rather than colorful ones. They also look great layered under a zipped down jacket or hoodie.
  2. Branded Tees – Branded graphic t-shirts display a brand on the front or back of the shirt. Again, these go great as layered items where the logo can be toned down a bit, but you should always be proud to support a brand that you connect with.
  3. Text-based Tees – These shirts typically have some sort of message being portrayed. You’d want this to be something you're passionate about and expresses your personality.

Graphic t-shirts are a great way to show your individual style and express who you are. They are also very eye-catching. Here are some of our favorite graphic t-shirts.


As one of the most popular graphic tees in our line, the Sportiqe Heritage Comfy T-Shirt will quickly become one of your favorite items of clothing. This shirt reaches the peak of comfort with super soft tri-blend material and fitted design. The simple yet effective American flag buffalo graphic makes it a must have graphic tee. Browse our most comfortable shirts in the COMFY Tee and T-Shirts collection.



The maritime graphic of our Aloha Classic Neo T-Shirt gives you a modest, hang-loose vibe perfect for the isles of Hawaii. This shirt features a vintage burnout look and a lightweight, durable feel. Check out our Men’s Graphic T-Shirts collection for more relaxing styles.



Our vintage graphic rests comfortably atop 50% polyester, 38% cotton, and 12% rayon tri-blend material to bring you our Black Sportiqe Oats Shirt branded tee. We love our clothing, and we know that you will too. That’s why we bring you only the highest quality. Find your true love in the Official Sportiqe Apparel collection.



As another superior shirt in the Comfy line, our Lost Comfy T-Shirt sports the distressed Lost at Sea graphic on the front. Get in touch with the spirit of the open ocean and the freedom that comes with it in our Maritime Shirts collection.



Nothing represents the freedom of America like the majestic eagle. Our Freedom Motors Comfy T-Shirt exemplifies everything we stand for as a nation. Find the shirt to represent you in Men’s Black Shirts collection.

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