How To Develop Your Clothing Style

September 18, 2014

Do you know how to develop your clothing style? Everyone has their own style, whether they have consciously decided it or not. You want your style to express who you are and your personality to the world, so we’ve come up with a few tips to help you out.

  1. Make sure your style is congruent with who you are. You are in individual with unique viewpoints and beliefs about the world. You also have a unique view of yourself. Express this through your clothing. If you’re proud to be an athlete, wear athletic clothing and brands. If you’re very spiritual, wear light, airy clothing that exhibits a large range of colors and patterns representing the spiritual universe. People should be able to gage something about your personality by the clothes you choose to wear.
  2. Try on many different types of clothing. Go to a clothing store and try on tees, v necks, jackets, sweaters, long sleeves, zip ups, dress shirts, slacks, jeans, pants, dress shoes, tennis shoes, casual shoes, polos, hats, sunglasses. The list is almost endless. The key is to find a small percentage of the items out there and stick with them as your personal style. Find what you feel most comfortable and confident in and what represents you best. 
  3. Have fun. Developing your own personal style should be an enjoyable journey of self-actualization. You’re finding ways to look and feel better than you've ever been before. Experiment with everything until you know what's for you.

Now that you know how to develop your clothing style, here are five items we've put together to get you started.


The Stanton is a unique hoodie in our line of clothing, with its striped hood and 50% polyester, 50% cotton fabric. Wear the Navy Stanton Sweatshirt with a khaki pair of pants for a polished look. Browse more sweatshirts in our Stanton Hooded Sweatshirts collection.



Worn by Jay Cutler, quarterback for the Chicago Bears, the Sportiqe Heritage Comfy T-Shirt is perfect for you if American pride fits your sense of style. The American flag buffalo is stitched into the softest tri-blend material we could find. Check out the COMFY Tees and T-Shirts collection for the comfiest shirts to ever grace your wardrobe.



Develop a clean and fitted style with the Black Sportiqe Cornbread Shirt. As one of our best fitting shirts in a versatile color, this item will add to your look no matter what your personal style is. Take a gander at the rest of Sportiqe’s Solid Cornbread T-Shirts collection for more superior looks.



Join in a growing number of happy customers with the Women’s Sportiqe Red Tyler Shirt. Its raglan sleeves provide a comfortable design with a stylish contrast of colors to give you one of our most unique garments. Browse through more of these designs in our Raglan Sleeve T-Shirts collection.



If you’re a cool, laid-back, chilled out individual, accentuate your personality with our Hang Loose La Jolla Neo T-Shirt. It is pre-shrunk to keep its form-fitting shape and showcases the official Sportiqe Maritime La Jolla Graphic. Develop more of your clothing style with the Men’s Graphic T-Shirts collection.

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