3 Ways To Start Dressing Better

September 15, 2014

Anyone can improve their style, so Sportiqe came up with three ways to start dressing better. The way you dress expresses your personality and how much pride you have in your appearance. Dressing better is simple and can take you to levels of confidence you've never been to before. It’s worth it. Here are three ways to start dressing better.

  1. Buy clothes that fit well. No matter how cheap or expensive your clothing, if they don’t fit you well they won’t look good. Go to a tailor, get your measurements, and write them down. Then use sizing charts like this one to know which size you are, as sizing can change from brand to brand. Fitting well means finding the middle ground between baggy and tight.
  2. Understand how clothes match. A quick google search will tell you which colors are complementary and which should never be seen together. Of course, there is large amount of personal preference, but certain pairs of colors do go better than others. Match your belt with your shoes, avoid white socks (stick with black) unless you’re exercising, and even look up which colors are best suited for different seasons.
  3. Dress to your personality. If you’re a surfer, dress like a surfer. If you’re in the business world, dress like an up-scale businessman. If you’re extremely laid back and carefree, develop a style that shows this to the world.


Brown is a versatile color. Wear our Brown Sportiqe Comfy Shirt with a pair of dark jeans, a brown belt, and brown shoes and you’ll be a formidable matching presence. Browse the rest of our COMFY Tees and T-Shirts for other colors to suit your style.



Long sleeves give you a slightly more polished look than short sleeves, and are great for parties or semi-casual events where you want to stand out a bit. Our Sportiqe Black Long Sleeve Shirt does just that. Wear a stylish watch and a pair of sleek black shoes and you’re ready to rock. Check out more Long Sleeve Shirts and upgrade your style.



The White Sportiqe Dixie Top goes with just about anything. Pair it with a nice pair of jeans, a pair of brown pants, or a your favorite pair of shorts for an airy, fashionable outfit. Our Women’s Best Sellers collection has many more options to create the perfect outfit.



Our Cornbread line of t-shirts provides the ultimate athletic fit. Our Navy Sportiqe Cornbread Shirt looks great with a dark pair of jeans and a brown belt. Find your fit in the Solid Cornbread T-Shirts collection.



The Clark shirt provides multiple dimensions of style and design. The raglan sleeves, two button collar, and front left pocket of our Sportiqe Navy Clark Shirt make it a great item for spicing up your style. Check out the CLARK T-Shirts collection for more ways to start dressing better.  

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