What to Wear On a Movie Date in the Summer

September 08, 2014

Wondering what to wear on a movie date in the summer? Sportiqe Apparel carries a wide variety of fashionable items to make you feel comfortable and confident on your next date. Summer time is for flings, having a blast, and putting yourself out there. Show your best self with the following five items.


The Sportiqe Comfy Shirt is the go-to for any occasion. You can’t help but feel like you’re putting your best self forward while wearing this shirt. Your date will compliment you on your sense of style, and you’ll stay relaxed and calm in the heat of the moment. For more shirts that’ll fire you up, check out our Solid COMFY T-Shirts collection.



Raglan shirts, or shirts where the seam extends from the underarm up to the collar, are becoming more and more popular for their unique style. Our Sportiqe Navy Clark Shirt sports the raglan design as well as a two button collar for added distinction. Impress your next date with the high quality tri-blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon and show that you are a high-quality person yourself. Check out our other Raglan Sleeve Shirts for more ideas that suit your style.



Long sleeve shirts are exactly what you need on a movie date in the summer. Roll up those sleeves when it gets a little warm outside, and inside the theater you’ll be thankful you have the option of rolling them back down when a draft blows through. Our Sportiqe Black Oats Raglan Shirt is perfect for this occasion. Its fun and retro look will show that you take pride in how you present yourself. We have a variety of other superior options in our Solid Oats T-Shirts collection.                         



The thin material of our Navy Stanton Sweatshirt makes it a great choice year round. It’s not only functional, but the sleek design of the draw strings and stripes on the hood brings out the best your wardrobe can provide. Check out the rest of our Hoodies and Pullovers.




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