What To Wear To A Rock Concert: 5 T-Shirt Ideas

September 02, 2014

Wondering what to wear to a rock concert? Every event requires the right clothing to match your personality and provide the quality you need to stay comfortable until it's over. All of our collections at Sportiqe have some great choices, but we feel that these five shirts have the perfect combination of everything you need to make your next rock concert the best you’ve ever been to.


You want to be confident and feel comfortable when you’re rocking out to your favorite band. With the Sportiqe Comfy Shirt you’ll stand out in the crowd and stay cool in the mosh pit, as the superior quality tri-blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon afford you the softest material and coolest comfort possible. Find the color that suits you best with our COMFY tri-blend t-shirts.


Our city print t-shirts help represent the city you love with pride. Let everyone at the concert know where your loyalty lies and feel the depth of the city that made you who you are. Find your city with the Sportiqe METRO collection.


Another high quality shirt in our comfy line, the Lost Souls Comfy T-Shirt expresses your inner rock star. The Distressed Lost Souls graphic embodies the skull and bones of the rock and roll age that made this era so instrumental to music history. Make it proud with this shirt, and make yourself ready to head-bang with the best of them. Shop more motor inspired graphics with the Sportiqe MOTOR collection


This simple yet elegant design will turn heads as you walk through the concert. Nothing embodies the American spirit like a fierce eagle head and the Freedom Motors logo on your chest. As a formidable part of the Sportiqe Apparel MOTOR Co. collection, the comfort and style of this shirt will quickly propel it to one of your favorites.


If you’re still wondering what to wear to the next rock concert on your list, our First Avenue Marshall Shirt will provide the stylistic design and history to make it the perfect choice. First Avenue is the iconic music venue in downtown Minneapolis. On the corner of First Avenue and 7th Street, it’s been the pivotal location for many artists’ careers. Pay homage to the greatness of Prince, Atmosphere, U2, Eminem, Metallica, and many more by wearing this shirt to your next concert and beyond. Discover more t-shirts that celebrate local hotspots with the Sportiqe Hometown Classics collection

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