Wings For Life World Run

May 05, 2014

On May 4, 2014 the world ran in an entirely new type of event.

The Wings For Life World Run featured 35,397 people who ran for those who could not. Across six countries, thirty-four locations started the race at the exact same time. All the runners were there for the same purpose: to raise funds and awareness to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Eric LeGrand with Frankie Ruiz

The rules of the run are very uniqe. Each runner sets a goal for themselves and attempts to stay ahead of the "catcher car." The catcher car starts 30 minutes after the race begins. Each hour the car's speed increases. The goal for the athletes is to run the furthest distance. Once passed by the catcher car, their race is over and their distance marks their final position and world ranking.

While each runner's "end" to the race was uniqe, the effort from Lemawork Ketema of Ethiopia was particularly exceptional: 78.58 kilometers, or 48.83 miles to mark the furthest distance ran in the race.

At the beginning of the race in Sunrise, Florida - one of the 34 locations around the world - was our friend Eric LeGrand with Lolo Jones. Paralyzed in a wheel chair and still living a life that people told him he wouldn't be able to, Eric's presence at the starting line and Instagram pic symbolized the belief of the event: that we will walk again.

Eric LeGrand + Lolo Jones: WFL World Run Starting Line

If you're not familiar with Eric's story, you can read his HQ interview here. You can join Eric in celebrating him receiving his diploma in May by coming to his A Walk To Believe on June 14th.

A Walk To Believe With Eric LeGrand