Donald Stephenson Interview + Favorite Clothing Styles

April 07, 2014

Donald Stephenson Clothing StyleThis past week we caught up with Donald Stephenson, offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs on a visit to the Sportiqe HQ. In the interview below, Donald talks about playing different positions and what he's a fan of.

Q: What are you a fan of?

A: I am a fan of football, family, Kansas City, the Thunder, underground music.

Q: What is uniqe about you?

A: I am unique because I am a big offensive lineman who is also athletic and can move. At the Combine a couple years ago, I was the fastest lineman.

Q: What inspires you?

A: I am inspired by my family and all the great players who played before me. I want to live up to what they have accomplished on and off the field.

Donald Stephenson Clothing Style

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