Adrian Peterson Clothing Style: Vintage Shirts and Hoodies

March 11, 2014

Adrian Peterson was spotted in vintage shirts and hoodies from Sportiqe. Vintage shirts and hoodies in Adrian Peterson's style are available at

Adrian Peterson With ESPN Shirt By Sportiqe

Adrian Peterson - Sportiqe Zip Belgian Adrian Peterson

The shirts and hoodies in Adrian Peterson's outfit come from the Sportiqe Apparel collection. This collection consists of vintage shirts and hoodies that not only look great, but feel great.

It's rare to see the running back in anything other than a Vikings uniform, but Adrian Peterson's clothing style is always classy. Adrian Peterson's clothing style may include vintage shirts and hoodies, but he always dresses in nice suits and ties for events. 

Adrian Peterson clothing Adrian Peterson fashion ESPY Adrian Peterson style

Because Adrian Peterson's style is upscale and high-class, we think his wardrobe could include premium apparel from Sportiqe's Black Label collection.

Sportiqe Black Label Sportiqe Black Label Sportiqe Black Label Sportiqe Black Label Brooklyn Metro SweatshirtSportiqe Black Label New York Metro ShirtSportiqe Black Label Brooklyn Metro Shirt

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