Lil Wayne Clothing Style: Los Angeles Lakers T-Shirt

March 05, 2014

Lil Wayne wore this vintage Los Angeles Lakers T-Shirt while sitting courtside at a game. Vintage LA Lakers shirts are available on

Lil Wayne Clothing Style 

Lil Wayne's style comes from the LA Lakers collection. These Los Angeles Lakers T-Shirts have a vintage look and feel, which creates a stylish and comfortable look for any Lakers fan.

Lil Wayne's clothing style is relatively simple, but definitely "uniqe." Many of Lil Wayne's outfits consist of a plain shirt, a flat bill hat, and bright accessories that make his clothing stand out.

Lil Wayne outfit Lil Wayne style 

Lil Wayne clothing style Lil Wayne apparel

Based on Lil Wayne's clothing style, we think he would enjoy these vintage shirts and hats from Sportiqe:

Sportiqe Anoka Snapback Hat

Los Angeles Lakers Grateful Dead ShirtWHITE COMFY V

Grateful Dead Space Face T-ShirtLA Lakers Grateful Dead Dunk'n Dead T-Shirt

Sportiqe Union Snapback Hat


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