Carlos Bocanegra Clothing Style: Vintage T-Shirt

February 24, 2014

Carlos Bocanegra has been seen in a vintage T-Shirt. Shirts similar to Carlos Bocanegra's outfit can be found here.

carlos Bocanegra Clothing Style

As a soccer star and a former Olympian, Carlos Bocanegra's clothing needs to fit an athlete's needs. This vintage t-shirt allows Carlos to look stylish while still being comfortable - a definite must for a popular athlete!

Carlos Bocanegra Fashion

Carlos Bocanegra's clothing comes from the Sportiqe Apparel collection. This collection consists of vintage T-Shirts and sweatshirts made from comfortable fabrics. Though the clothes in this collection are comfortable, they are stylish as well - as Carlos Bocanegra's outfits show.

Carlos Bocanegra outfit

When he's not wearing his soccer uniform, Carlos Bocanegra's clothing style is very casual. Most of the time, Carlos Bocanegra's clothing includes a T-Shirt or athletic apparel.

Carlos Bocanegra clothing style Carlos Bocanegra fashion

We found two other shirts from Sportiqe that match up perfectly with Carlos Bocanegra's clothing style:


Since he likes casual clothing in simple styles, we also think these shirts would fit in with Carlos Bocanegra's apparel!


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