Russell Westbrook Clothing Style: Vintage T-Shirt

February 18, 2014

Russell Westbrook was spotted wearing this vintage t-shirt. Vintage t-shirts like this part of Russell Westbrook's outfit can be found at

 Russell Westbrook Clothing Style

Russell Westbrook's clothing style is definitely "uniqe." Though he is most well-known as an All-Star point guard for Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook's style makes him a fashion icon. He often wears clothes in bright colors or prints.

Russell Westbrook apparel  Russell Westbrook clothes

Russell Westbrook fashion Esquire

Because he loves uniqe and colorful styles and wears vintage T-shirts, we think these shirts would make a great addition to Russell Westbrook's fashion:


However, we also think any Russell Westbrook outfit would look even better with one of these Oklahoma City Thunder T-Shirts:

Oklahoma City Thunder Grateful Dead ShirtOklahoma City Thunder Regatta Butler Sweatshirt - Navy

Oklahoma City Thunder Grateful Dunk'n Dead T-ShirtVintage Oklahoma City Thunder Triblend Graphic T-Shirt

Since these OKC Thunder shirts come in a variety of styles, any one of them would be a great addition to Russell Westbrook's attire.

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