Chace Crawford Clothing Style: New York Knicks T-Shirt

February 12, 2014

Chace Crawford was seen in a New York Knicks T-Shirt shortly before a game. You can purchase a T-Shirt like the one Chace is wearing here.

Chace Crawford Clothing Style: New York Knicks T Shirt

Chace Crawford's character on Gossip Girl was known for his high-class fashion sense. Fans of Nate Archibald might expect the actor to wear button-up shirts, suits and ties around New York like his character often did. However, Chase Crawford's style is actually quite laid-back.

Chace is often seen wearing relaxed-fitting shirts and jeans. Most of Chace Crawford's outfits consist of neutral colors, like gray and blue. How appropriate for a Knicks fan!

Chace Crawford's shirt comes from the New York Knicks collection. This collection is made up of T-Shirts and sweatshirts that provide comfort and style for any Knicks fan. Shop the New York Knicks collection and get free U.S. shipping on orders over $75.

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