The Shirt Stays! - Basketsball Episode Of New Girl

January 15, 2014

Sportiqe was spotted on last night's "Basketsball" episode of New Girl on FOX.

New Girl Basketball Detroit Pistons Shirt

In the episode, Jess looks for ways to solidify her friendship with Coach after he passes her off as his "buddy's girlfriend." Coach is obsessed with sports, so Jess decides that basketball - and becoming a fan of the Detroit Pistons - is her way in to his good graces. This is despite Jess referring to the sport as "basketsball" - which she believes is the technically correct term "because there are two baskets."

Coach is a fan of the Detroit Pistons. Her boyfriend Nick is a fan of the Chicago Bulls. You can probably see where this is headed.

New Girl Basketsball Detroit Pistons

Nick and Jess begin a standoff with each other when the Pistons - Bulls rivalry becomes too much to handle for Nick. Jess doesn't understand why Nick doesn't like her being a Pistons fan. Nick's response is pretty epic...

It's personal Jess. That's my team. It's the city that I'm from. It's most of my relationship with my Dad. RIP by the way. Michael Jordan! It's the first man that taught me that I could love a man. And the Pistons are our rivals. They're like in Hamlet with the McCalls and the [something half-whispered and unintelligible that sounds like ‘taxpayers’].. And you're my girlfriend now so you gotta be a Bulls fan.

Frustrated and in her Pistons shirt, Jess yells, "The shirt stays!" - which we can understand because the shirt Jess is wearing is one we produced at Sportiqe. It's really comfortable, and is available in the Detroit Pistons Locker Room Store.

Nick, finding this unacceptable that his girlfriend would side with a rival team, starts a sex standoff.

We won't spoil what happens. Just know that the moral of the episode is to root for the right team for the right reasons, and to look good doing it.

What "basketsball" team are you a fan of? Shop apparel like Jess's for your favorite NBA team.

New Girl Basketsball Sex Stand Off
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