CJ Barnett Interview: Ohio State Buckeyes Football

January 13, 2014

CJ Barnett - Ohio State Buckeyes FootballThis week we had the chance to catch up with CJ Barnett on a visit to the Sportiqe HQ. In the interview below, CJ opens up about his Gatorade chugging ability and video game competitiveness.

Q: What are you a fan of and why?

A: Video games. It's something else you can be competitive in.

Q: What is uniqe about you?

A: I can drink a whole Gatorade in 4 seconds.

Q: Who has inspired you lately?

A: Kurt Coleman, being in his situation. Losing his starting spot and having a good attitude about it. Being married, and having a good life.

Q: Where can fans follow you as you prepare for the NFL Draft?

@see_4our on Twitter and @see_4our on Instagram.

CJ Barnett - Ohio State University

CJ Barnett - Ohio State University

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