Christian Ponder Interview + Favorite Clothing Styles

January 13, 2014

Christian Ponder InterviewThis week we had the chance to catch up with Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder on a visit to the Sportiqe HQ. In the interview below, Christian opens up about his secret talents and shares his favorite Sportiqe styles.

Q: What are you a fan of and why?

A: I'm a fan of good people. Good people are easier to deal with. I'm also a fan of fly fishing because it's a nice getaway. Fly fishing gives me a chance to get out in nature, take in the great outdoors and get frustrated fishing.

Q: What is uniqe about you?

A: I can wiggle my ears. I also played the sax in my middle school band.

Q: What has inspired you lately?

A: A song by Will Hoge called STRONG. A lot of days men are defined a certain way in society - ie having a lot of money, being strong. A man should be defined by his character.

Christian Ponder's Favorite Styles

Here are Christian Ponder's top 5 favorite pieces of Sportiqe apparel.


Christian Ponder Married Samantha Steele Ponder

Featuring stripes on the inside of the hood, Christian Ponder's clothing style includes the STANTON - a lightweight hoodie that can be enjoyed year round.


Christian Ponder In Authentic Sportiqe Apparel

Christian Ponder's fashion sense includes the OATS style. Distressed cuffs and a ribbed neck with an extra vintage wash make this style feel like that old gym shirt you loved. Wear it year round, but this is especially a great piece to have in the fall and winter when it gets a little chillier out.


Christian Ponder Oats Raglan T-Shirt

The OATS RAGLAN is a timeless classic you want to have in your closet. It looks like an old baseball look that gets better with wear. Made of our comfortable tri-blend fabric that we give a heavy vintage wash for a distressed look. Very versatile piece to have for fall and winter.

Also featured on Christian Ponder's outfit: Sportiqe Rip Stop Hat


Christian Ponder Great Outdoors Sportiqe Apparel

The COMFY is the most comfortable tee you'll ever wear. Wear it to the game, wear it at home, sleep in it. You won't ever want to take it off.

Also featured in Christian Ponder's attire: Sportiqe Camo Rip Stop Hat



The OLSEN is the ultimate in comfy sweatshirts and is the last favorite for Christian Ponder's apparel collection. Walk outside on a cold day in winter and feel comfortable because this is your layer of armor.

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