Top Picks For Fall From Sportiqe Co-Founder, Jason Franklin

November 08, 2013

Jason Franklin Co-Founder Sportiqe ApparelWhether you're headed to an outdoor sporting event or are preparing for a winter weekend getaway, here are Jason Franklin's top 8 favorite pieces of Sportiqe apparel for the fall and winter.


Sportiqe Oats Raglan tri-blend t-shirt

The OATS RAGLAN It's a timeless classic you want to have in your closet.

It looks like an old baseball look that gets better with wear. Made of our comfortable tri-blend fabric that we give a heavy vintage wash for a distressed look. Very versatile piece to have for fall and winter.

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BUTLER Sweatshirt

Sportiqe Butler Crewneck Sweatshirt

The BUTLER is a super soft tri-blend fleece that's one of the most comfortable sweatshirts you'll ever put on. It's great for fall and winter because it's a little heavier. You don't have to put anything on underneath it, or you can layer it all you want.

One thing is for sure - once you try this on you'll never want to take it off.

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OLSEN Sweatshirt

Sportiqe OLSEN Hooded Sweatshirt

The OLSEN is the ultimate in comfy sweatshirts. Walk outside and this is your layer of armor. It's something we wanted to create for the cold days in winter and fall that you can throw on and feel comfortable. It's a tri-blend fleece hooded sweatshirt with thick drawstrings for an athletic look and feel.

You'll never want to take it off. But please, just do your friends a favor and give it a wash every once in awhile.

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Sportiqe Morpheus Long Sleeve Triblend Thermal

The Sportiqe MORPHEUS will be the most comfortable thermal you'll ever wear. This is the piece you want when you're hitting the hill. It's a real versatile piece that you can wear to an outdoor sporting event in the fall and wintertime.

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Sportiqe Oats Triblend T-Shirt

The OATS is instant vintage. Distressed cuffs and a ribbed neck with an extra vintage wash make this style feel like that old gym shirt you loved.

Wear it year round, but this is especially a great piece to have in the fall and winter when it gets a little chillier out.

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Sportiqe Stanton Striped Hooded Sweatshirt

The STANTON shows you can mean business...but that you're also here to party. It's one of those comfy tri-blend sweatshirts you can wear year round.

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Long Sleeve COMFY T-Shirt

Sportiqe Long Sleeve Triblend T-Shirt

When we created our popular COMFY tee, we asked, "Why not create a long sleeve version?" This is a great piece to layer with on those crisp fall days when you want to have something that's super comfortable.

This tri-blend tee will help keep you warm year round.

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Sportiqe Comfy Tri-blend T-Shirt

The COMFY is the most comfortable tee you'll ever wear. Wear it to the game, wear it at home, sleep in it. You won't ever want to take it off.

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