We Encourage You to Roam this Fourth of July

We Encourage You to Roam this Fourth of July

Today we celebrate what makes America great, Freedom.

As humans, we have a fundamental desire to roam free. Thinking back to the people involved in declaring America's independence, the notion of being free was what we chose to build our country’s foundation upon. Yes, there was politics and business at play, but from a human standpoint it was about freedom to do what one dreams. These core values are what makes our country what it is today.

It seems the celebration of the Fourth of July can easily become blurred with BBQs, fireworks, and pie. I encourage you to anchor your celebration around the impactful words “We hold these truths to be self evident that all human beings were created equal”. We are all human beings apart of the same community that allows us to roam free. The fun and food allows us to celebrate with those close to us and should be shared with a sense of reflection on the true meaning of the holiday. Freedom.

Sportiqe is proud to make apparel for the Modern American. One that seeks to embrace their own humanity, striving to achieve their dreams, traveling to new places, partaking in great food and connecting with amazing people. All of which, require the freedom to roam. For that, I am grateful for what America stands for and the courage taken on that fateful day, July 4, 1776. for the men and women who declared America’s independence.

May you all celebrate your freedom to roam today, and everyday.


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