JANUARY 14, 2023

Roam Grant Winner’s Rejuvenating Roam to New Mexico


Interested in being the next recipient of our Next Roam Grant?

Applications open on Jan. 23 and if you are selected, you’ll receive funds towards a trip to the destination of your dreams + Sportiqe apparel to enhance your roam. 

What happens when a serial entrepreneur takes dedicated time to unplug and actually relax?

It was an experiment that our first-ever Sportiqe Roam Grant recipient, Adrian Patel, tried this fall. By earning the Roam Grant, Adrian was able to take a roam of his dreams outfitted completely in Sportiqe. Already an accomplished world traveler, he chose an adventure that’s difficult for many Type A hustlers like him: a roam that’s free of distractions.

“I love what I do and I’ve built my professional life around creating new businesses - and it is as demanding as anything that I have ever done,” Adrian said before he embarked on his journey. “That said, it’s so important to keep growing in other parts of our lives, always striving to experience new things. I’m grateful to Sportiqe for reminding me of that, and helping me to make it a reality.”

His destination? Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, a tiny, rustic community known for its natural hot springs. 

Follow along on Adrian's Roam


Getting ready to board his flight to New Mexico, Adrian selected the perfect travel outfit – the Olsen hoodie and the Overland beanie. Looking at his itinerary, he’s ready for a comfortable flight and an easy travel day to his destination. 

Arriving at his destination just in time to catch the first Southwest sunset of the trip, Adrian and his guest were welcomed to a quintessential New Mexican resort, perfect for a quick stroll around the grounds before dinner. 

Every restaurant on Adrian’s trip offered a local, casual atmosphere for travelers just like Adrian who came to the area to experience the area’s culture and tranquility. Adrian wore a black Sportiqe Navigator, a quarter zip pullover, for the evening while dining on fajitas and tamales. 


Temperatures can get chilly in northern New Mexico during fall evenings, where elevations are more than a mile above sea level, and Adrian chose to throw on the Sportiqe Daly joggers and Overland beanie while rounding out his night fireside. 


The key to a successful relaxing vacation? Making time for a little movement. Adrian experienced a Yoga Yurt, a natural dome-shaped shelter that inspires peace and tranquility. He opted to wear his Overland graphic comfy tee and his Overland beanie. Namaste. 

Adrian made it to the main attraction of his trip. Ojo’s legendary waters have been soothing body, mind and spirit naturally for thousands of years, and the surrounding area offers miles upon miles of trails to explore and decompress amidst fragrant sage brush and forests.  


Adrian and his partner embarked on a memorable end to their weekend of relaxation, immersing themselves in the vibrant energy of the city. They discovered hidden gems in local boutiques, delved into rich history on afternoon walks, and relished in the joy of new experiences in nature.

Adrian's getaway was the perfect escape for anyone seeking to break away from the everyday and truly immerse themselves in something new and unique. Thank you for following along on Adrian's journey!

Written By: Jennifer Lawhead