Our Sportiqe Values

Our Sportiqe Values

Values and behaviors are what drive a culture, team, and family. The culture of Sportiqe is one that has evolved over time, but our core has remained the same. 

The way these values came to be was in response to addressing the essential aspects of humanity. Our want for independence and freedom, coupled with our need for community.  Our inborn characteristic to learn and grow. Our desire to be appreciated and treated with dignity and respect, and ultimately, our truest want to be happy and have fun. 

We wanted to share with you the values we, at Sportiqe, hold true and carry out every day in everything we do:


  • Hold trust as a key component in being on a team 
  • We understand our roles and have each other’s back 
  • Have an overall mindset of what’s best for the company is what’s best for the team


  • We live with a growth and learning mindset
  • We aspire to get better personally and professionally each day by at least 1% 
  • Have the humility to embrace learning from mistakes as a means to grow


  • Never treat someone in a way that will make them feel small
  • We value the similarities in humanity and celebrate the differences 
  • Treat others how you want to be treated

Can Do

  • A can do attitude that is solutions focused
  • We’re confident in tackling any challenge we face
  • Compromise intelligently


  • Comfort, guaranteed. We stand behind our product and process in all situations
  • We strive to create win-win scenarios with our stakeholders 
  • Our standards are set high and we focus to stretch to get better. 


  • Create a comfortable environment that allows people to be themselves
  • Keep all things in perspective, take moments to laugh and enjoy life
  • Promote a positive and happy attitude

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