Give Yourself The Day Off

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I have always enjoyed the Labor Day holiday for a number of reasons, simply because it was a day off from work.  Furthermore, living in Phoenix, AZ, over the years Labor Day has served as a sign that summer is almost over and we have 2 more months of 100+ degree heat left .  Soon, I will get to wear the Rowan or the Derek to work.

However, this Labor Day has caused me to ponder for a moment to ask, “How did this holiday come to exist?”

In 1882, the original intent around Labor Day was meant to handle a problem of long working hours and no time off.  It started not as a holiday but a strike of workers seeking to reduce the number of hours and days worked.  The strike was on the first Monday of September. People banded together in a parade and gathered to eat, drink and have a picnic.  What is significant in this strike is it not only lead to a National holiday called Labor Day but it also was the impetus to the 8-hour workday, not to be confused with the 4-hour work week presented by Tim Ferris.

In founding Sportiqe, it is our mission to help people feel comfortable which also means providing a comfortable work place for people to be able to be their best each and every day.

We have come a long way towards fair labor and proper working conditions in this country; however, there is a lot of room to further evolve to where businesses can provide an environment where people can thrive and be the best version of themselves as well as ensure the business can grow in a positive & profitable manner.

So, in the spirit of the birth of Labor Day, I say give yourself a day off. Slowdown from the work you have been doing and do something comfortable for yourself. Maybe even in your own way strike…. shut off your phone, computer, and related devices that keep you working. Like the original participants of Labor Day, gather with friends, family. Have a BBQ, picnic, be in nature, or just in your own way celebrate life. You deserve it!


In Gratitude,


Roam In Comfort

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