Game Day Comfort

Game Day Comfort

With football season underway there’s a different buzz in the office on Monday mornings with everyone talking highlights and stats from the games the day before. Those of you who have the football bug know that Sundays are treated as a holiday September through February and everyone has their own way of celebrating. We have a lot of die-hard fans in the office, so we rounded up some of their favorite game day rituals, who they’re cheering for and what they’re wearing to be at their most comfortable state all day long. 


Jason Franklin, Co-Founder,
“My favorite team growing up was the Chicago Bears, my favorite place to watch the games are on my couch. I wear my Daly joggers and my Olsen or Rowan hoodie. I need to be as comfortable as possible on my couch. My favorite part of roaming on a Sunday is ideally from my couch to the fridge.”

Kristin Piotrowski, Staff Accountant
“I'm not really into football, but the person I'm dating is. We compromise on football Sunday by going to places where I can get bottomless mimosas, and he can watch the Eagles (or whoever is on his fantasy team that week) play. My favorite Sportiqe item that I own is the Kylie because it's oversized and light, which means it will keep me comfortable while drinking mimosas in the blasting A/C and won't show all of the chips and guac that I ate while ‘watching the game.’”


Micah Kidd, Inventory Manager
“On game day, you can catch me chillaxing on my couch with a beer in hand. At the start of the season, it's too hot to be outside in Arizona, so I'm always inside where my a/c is cranking to keep my place super cold. I like to rock my Rowan hoodie because it is super soft and is the perfect piece to stay the perfect temp! You'll find me switching between games all day because I like to watch all of them, but I'm Birdgang for life!”

Andy Akers, Graphic Designer
“Mile High City baby! Let’s go Broncos!! My regular-season game day is pretty laid back. I might do some grilling. I always do some chilling and I routinely send our Northeast sales rep, Miniature Mike, updates on how terrible his Jets are playing. My postseason game day gets a little more intense. I always do some grilling. I rarely do any chilling (too hyped) and I routinely send our Northeast sales rep, Miniature Mike, feedback on what his Jets can change to get into the playoffs next year. My favorite Sportiqe garment is the Rowan hoodie! It’s lightweight and unbelievably comfy, has a great slim fit, and I can wear it year-round!”


James Brehmer, Director of Sales,
“My favorite team is the Chicago Bears. Sundays are meant for the couch, football and food. I usually spend Sunday mornings scrolling the DoorDash or Postmates app in preparation. While I try and switch things up every now and then, my go-to is The Stand burger and fries. The Rowan is my go-to hoodie on Sundays.”

Katharine Longo, Marketing Strategist
“My dad is from Pittsburgh, so I am die-hard Steelers fan. #HereWeGo. I watch almost every game with my dad. When the Steelers aren't on local TV, we go to a sports bar and watch the game. It's how my dad and I bond and wouldn't have it any other way. We have one massive group text with all of the family (my dad is 1 of 7), and it feels like we're all watching it together when we text in that chat. I love our Phoebe tee. It is SO soft and the perfect piece for any woman's closet!”

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