APRIL 22, 2022


Where is the most beautiful location in all of America? We humbly nominate the Sonoran Desert. 

Allow us to introduce you to this exquisite landscape. Not only is the Sonoran Desert the location of the Sportiqe headquarters, but it’s also the inspiration for our new Spring Collection. Soft unexpected colors that come alive at dawn and dusk – like dusty purple and bloom colors – show off the desert’s cooler palette, while pewter and cloud hues celebrate the more obvious desert colors. 

Here are a few things we love about this one-of-a-kind place:

1. It’s a dry heat – and you’ll love it.

Locals will tell you, yes, the desert is hot but “it’s a dry heat!” because it can feel less intense than humid heat. But make no mistake: the Sonoran Desert is known for being the hottest desert in North America with temperatures reaching triple digits daily during the summer months.

2. But expect rain during monsoon season. 

The Sonoran Desert also holds the title for being the wettest desert in North America. It receives anywhere from 3-20 inches of rainfall a year, most of which occurs during monsoon season in late summer. Because of these storms, the desert’s landscape is home to gorgeous dry river beds, also known as arroyos. When it rains, the ground becomes saturated and receives great volumes of water from nearby mountains and valleys. These flowing arroyos create an unexpected contrast if you happen to see them. 

3. Regional wildlife can be found at every turn.

Roadrunners, coyotes and javelinas are some of the more well-known wildlife in the Sonoran Desert. However, some of the more rare and regional species you can see if you’re lucky include turkey vultures, jackrabbits, gila monster and diamondback rattlesnakes. When roaming the desert, your best chance to spot these regional creatures are usually early mornings and dusk, especially on cooler days. 

4. The billion-year-old topography is stunning.

Mountains, lakes, rivers and vistas – all and more can be found in the Sonoran Desert. The topography’s rocks are thought to be as old as 2 billion years. This means a hike in the Sonoran Desert is like walking back in time. 

5. It’s a love letter to the iconic saguaro.

The saguaro cacti are synonymous with the Sonoran Desert. Just around every turn, you can find a saguaro – sturdy, strong and a reminder of nature’s beauty. Take a drive through Saguaro National Park to see the most saguaros in one place. Cascading over the desert hills are thousands of saguaros, a sight you will never forget. 

Not only can you wear our desert-inspired Spring Collection, but you can support the desert’s future as well. Through our partnership with Beam Impact, we’ve added a new nonprofit to our list of worthy charities you can support as a member of the Sportiqe herd.

Friends of Saguaro is a fundraising partner of the National Park Service, created to help preserve, protect and enhance the fragile environment and unique cultural heritage of the Sonoran Desert at Saguaro National Park. Since 1996, the nonprofit has sought to establish collaborative partnerships within the Tucson community, develop a broad donor base, and provide both funding and volunteer support for some of the Park's most critical needs.

To support Friends of Saguaro, simply select them as your charity of choice whenever you’re making a Sportiqe purchase and we’ll donate 1% of your total (at no cost to you) to Friends of Saguaro. PLUS, today (4/22) only, we are doubling your impact for Earth Day and donating 2% of all Sportiqe purchases when Friends of Saguaro is selected at checkout.

Written By: Jennifer Lawhead